About us

Here you find us

Our small farm is 1 km from the center of Vigrestad at Jæren. Only a short distance to the sea, in an open cultural landscape.

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You can go with the local train at Jærbanen til Vigrestad. Departures from Stavanger and Egersund every 30 minutes in the rush time, every hour otherwise. Traveling to Oslo or Kristiansand, you change to regional trains in Eigersund or Bryne..

We are Karin and Torfinn

Karin is from Rødding municipality in south Jutland in Denmark, while Torfinn is from Nærland here at Jæren.


We have three children in the 20s, who now live elsewhere.


We are both educated within agriculture and economics. Karin works with agriculture and environment in our municipality, while

Torfinn is employed in our neighbour municipality also with agriculture.

We enjoy getting visits, and we would like to tell you about our area and what to see.

Our house

Maybe it strikes your mind that our house and garage may be influenced by Danish style? That is correct.


In Norway most houses for living are built in wood. Since we do like houses in bricks, and Torfinn does not like to paint houses on nice warm summer days, we chose to build our house and garage in bricks in Danish design.

The apartment

We wanted to have an apartment in order to have some more room when family and friends from Denmark come to visit. Since we also like to travel, but also enjoy staying at home, we thought; why not let the world come to us as guests in the apartment?

Our small farm

We are both grown up at farms, and therefore we wanted to live on a farm. However, it is difficult to get the opportunity to buy a farm at Jæren. In the year 2000 we were so lucky to be able to buy this small farm of 2 haa. Here we grow grass for sale as ensilage. We have taken a break from raising sheeps, but we used to have 15 sheep and 30 lambs at the most. Now we only have 5-7 hen, a cock and one cat. We grow vegetables and berries for our consumption. Our small tractor and mower cuts the grass, while we hire a contractor to press the bales.


At the property two small streams meet. In 2011 a wetland was constructed at the streams. The purpose is to improve the water quality from drained water from the agricultural areas draining to the streams. In summertime a couple of ducks incubate 7-10 ducklings. You may go a trip to the constructed wetlands behind the barn. Furthermore, we have planted trees and bushes around our small property to shelter against the wind.


The last few years we have borrowed some sheep in the summertime to graze around the wetland. This gives a nice landscape

Hanen Bimlebomle på tur med damer
Steinhenting mai 2010 003
Steinhenting mai 2010 013
grass slått ovanfrå 7
sauer bru
God bringebærhøst